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Planting 67

the podcast

The Mission:
  • To give church planters more tools to effectively reach new and unreached communities for Christ

  • To bring about the “Multiplication Movement” that will usher in the soon coming of Jesus 

  • To create an interactive community of church planters 

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the trailer

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Planting 67 is a podcast and community devoted to exploring trends, topics, and challenges facing church planting and growth in North America. Our focus is to create an interactive community of church planters that will change the world. 


Hosted by Church Planters and experts Boyan Levterov and Steve Leddy, this podcast will combine their wealth of experience, expert guests, and analysis of current trends in church and society. 


Our name, Planting 67, comes from our approach. Church Planting is a round-the-clock calling, which is why in addition to our Monthly Deep Dives, we’ll also have weekly and daily mini-episodes to support you every day. 

Daily Nuggets - 67 seconds

Every day, we’ll give you a Daily Nugget to help you stay energized throughout your week. Each day of the week will be its own topic - Monday Motivation, Tuesday Tools, Wednesday Worship, and Friday will be a free topic where we can talk about whatever we’ve been pondering throughout the week.


Weekly Dissection - 6 minutes and 7 seconds 

Every Thursday, we’ll have our Weekly Dissection episode, in which we’ll really cut open a topic and look at the heart of the issue. 


Monthly Deep Dive - 67 minutes

Our Monthly Deep Dive will feature special guests and listener questions, so we can give you the tools you really need to be a successful church planter!



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